One page list of what’s needed

I produced this list for an upstate hunting and fishing club that wants to help. It might be useful generally.

After Sandy
What’s needed – and what’s not

Updates at:

First, what is NOT needed

1. Used clothing (unless WINTER clothes in excellent condition)
2. Bottled water (it’s being delivered daily by the pallet load)
3. Random canned goods from the back of your pantry (ex. mince pie filling)
4. Donations to the Red Cross (They’ve already taken in over $150 million and still seem to have trouble figuring out how to provide meaningful help)

What is needed now during the relief and demolition phase

With the exception of tools in good working order, NEW and in their original packaging is what is needed

This is a short list:

1. Canned and packaged food (A case is more useful than assorted individual cans)
2. Tools: crowbars, mops, shovels, sturdy rakes and brooms
3. Worker protection supplies: Safety goggles, dust masks, work gloves, rubber gloves, first aid items and kits
4. Flashlights, electric lanterns and the batteries to run them
5. Other construction/demolition items: contractor bags, duct tape
6. New athletic socks still in their original package (these are gold)
7. Heaters: Electric and propane
8. Everyday items: paper towels, soap, shampoo, bathroom towels and washcloths
9. Anything that can help people keep warm
10. Generators with related accessories (long power cords, gas can, funnels)

There seems to be a good supply of bleach (it’s cheap)

There is a good list that is being updated regularly at

Needs will change over time and this will be a long process

– Ken McCarthy


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