The Sandy Effect: The second wave of the disaster

Brief note and I hope a full-time professional journalist (are there such people left?) will be able to cover this topic in more detail.

Missing from the reporting of the catastrophe unfolding in New York and New Jersey is that fact that this area leads the nation in charitable giving – and not just for local, parochial causes.

The fact that so many donors are now in personal difficulty and New York and New Jersey residents not effected are quite rightly directing their giving to immediate local relief efforts is causing major shortfalls in charitable giving elsewhere.

As just one example among many, a main charitable food source in Ulster County, NY, Queens Galley, is on the verge of closing because of lack of funds.


Because so much of the organization’s operating budget came from the generosity of people in Long Island and Staten Island.

Multiply this by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of groups that derived significant revenue from the generosity of New Yorkers and it’s not hard to envision a second catastrophe unfolding in Sandy’s wake.

Thus, the malfeasance of the Federal, State and City governments as well as the Red Cross – their fraudulent claims of helping when they are not – is not only creating a humanitarian disaster in the areas effected by the flood, but throughout the country and the globe among groups that count on donations from New York.

A short list of Sandy relief groups we endorse:

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